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the story of a girl

the girl;

Her name is Beki. Born in year of the Dragon. Twenty-something years old, and she's a major grammatical Nazi. Raised LDS/Mormon. Open-minded, but she is extremely set in her standards.

She is extremely musical, and she has a deep interest in foreign languages. She really likes anime. She also loves to read and watch people. And, she is a perfectionist to the core, honest, straight-forward, easy-going, helpful, open-minded and a tad crazy.

her music;

She has a lot of music, a result of being so open-minded. She has about 10 languages in her iTunes, which has also about 90 genres. She has everything from Angels and Airwaves to Gregorian Brothers to Utada Hikaru to John Williams. As far as instruments go, she can play piano and percussion.


She briefly mentioned that she is LDS/Mormon. She is very adamant about getting rumours out of peoples' minds (the one she gets the most is the polygamy; If you wonder about this too, tell her). She is married, and that will never willingly change! She served in the Washington Kennewick Mission from 2009 to 2011.

her graphics;

She has a journal for her inspirations; it is called euthansia. In the variety of it all, she creates graphics. She is slowly expanding her repertoire, but currently it includes icons, headers, forum banners & Friends Only banners.

credits & places;